Wednesday, October 26, 2011

French Food - Meat Stuffed Veggies

I came across an old cook book Tante Marie's French Kitchen.  Two dishes under the Vegetable section looked rather interesting.  Stuffed Cabbage and Stuffed Onion.  Both were stuffed with ground meat (ground beef and sausage meat). 

The Onion was easier to hallow out than I expected, once I got in, I was able to use a spoon to scrap the inards out.  Using the onion scraps to make a sauce, the onion was baked.  My the sauce was my favorite finding out of the whole book.

The stuffed cabbage had funny (but clever) directions to basically make sure you also stuff the meat between the leaves inside the cabbage.  In this case it the cabbage is braised for house in a flavored water.  The water turns into the popular Hong Kong cafe Luo Song Tong 羅宋湯.  I ended up enjoying the soup more than the main dish.

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