Monday, September 5, 2011

Convention Report: Pax Prime 2011

No longer called just Pax, but Pax Prime to separate that it is the origins of Pax and not to be mistaken with the east coast version called Pax East.  Pax in the Penny Arcade Expo which is all about video games. 

Jerry and Mike, the Penny Arcade authors in their Making the Strip Comic panel.  It's a Q&A panel while the audience gets to watch their process of making the next comic strip that is released.  It gets quite humours.

Once Mike is done with his Comic strip but the panel isn't over he goes on to amuzing the audience with some very   . . . unusual drawings.  I wont post any more cause it gets to a naughty level.

How could me and Ava be at a convention without of course.  COSPLAY!  I'm cowarding here because my little wand can't compare to her giant staff.

Welcome to the Exhibition Hall of PAX, where game publishers show off their lastest work, most of them yet to be released.  It is a gamers paradise

Game Companies try to get to you to come to their station using the WOW factor.  cause we all want to touch the shiney mechas.

Outside of exhibition hall sits a display to the FireFall game.  But it's better than what you see, it moves! and mists! 

Me and Ava aren't the only cosplayers there.  I caught a Yoshi playing the FireFall game.  Awwww, he should eat the monitor

FireFly even had advertisments in the bathroom, that while you are washing your hands you can see what you would look like if you had the body of one of the main characters.   .. . . I had a hard time with this one becuase I was too short.

So all the fun isn't just inside.  Recognize these guys?  From Plants VS Zombies game.  They were outside for 10 minutes getting their groove on dancing to that funky music of the 70s.

At the Castle Crashers booth they had the Japanese Gashapon Capsule Machinese that sold little Castle Crasher toys.  But had to buy the three tokens (for $5) to use the machines.  When I got the tokens I realized . . . they gave me three Japanese Yen.  They sold me money????

We bumped into a Swag Monster.  Basically he wants your swag, if you have something you dont mind giving away you can pin another free t-shirt to him, he had at least 15 covering his body.  He walked around like the swamp monster

Back to the show floor. is a site that sells retro games, and their booth babes were 3 old grannies baking cookies and knitting.  It was so out of place but it brought in the curious crowds.

I can't believe I figured this out because I recognized it to be Steve from Blues Clues.
So is this
1) cool, dont have to be a video to cosplay to video game convention
2) Everything has a video game now (even counting the LeapFrog devices) . . . . why isn't there Leap Frog representated at Pax?

Video games aren't just about the games, but can also be about the machines that play the games.  This is the most rad PC ever!

This was by far the best cosplay I saw the entire day.  The plastic parts also made him walk like Buzz!

Halo Fest.  A floor dedicated to Halo, it was basically a giant museum.  Me and Ava needed another funny picture to match up to our D&D picture of last year. 

Halo Fest also had a charity auction to support the non profit organization Child's Play

Being PAX let's end our time looking at the Deck Building Penny Arcade game.  So colourful, both the art and the characters.


  1. hi, i'm aalya rain. i am interesting in learning about how you made your rabe' costume. i have my own blog as well. if u could me a shout i'd love that. thanks. :)

  2. Hi Aalya, the Rabe (handmaiden) costume was something I worked on with a couple of friends so we could make identical handmaiden outfits. For the cloak you can use a store-bought cloak pattern, but you need to make stamps and burn out the velvet in order to get that pattern into the fabric. Other than that there is an undertunic (basically a long T-tunic) and an overtunic, a hood and a scarf. I recommend weighting the ends of the scarf so it hangs. Try to use lightweight fabrics for the tunics and hood, it gets hot.

  3. I do want to do some more posts about my older costumes, just haven't gotten around to it. I should put that on my todo list. :)

  4. I agree, you should put up more posts about your older costumes

  5. thank u so much. :) i was also wondering what type of pattern you used. mccalls, simplicty, that sort of thing. once again thank u so much! :)

  6. Aalya-we made our own patterns, except we used a Simplicity costume pattern for the cloak (but not the hood). It was a pattern with a picture of a girl in a fantasy cloak, but I think the hood was pointed. Just find a pattern with a full-length cloak; the one I had used four pieces (two front, two back). Hmm, maybe I should do a blog post about how to make a hood... there is an easy pattern-free trick for that.

  7. The Swag Monster thanks you for your mention, and has tweeted about your blog!/TheSwagMonster

  8. Yay! Swag Monster loves costumes, maybe Swag Monster will learn to make one some day.

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