Monday, September 19, 2011

Tokidoki Backpack

So previously I was thinking of doing a Tokidoki cosplay, but it's too much work for a costume that won't be so impressive.

But I still made the sick kick, cause it was too cute to pass up, and I made him into a backpack so I can use it all the time instead of a mismatching purse.

So maybe it won't be matching of my cosplay but it will be so cute that people might want a photo of it anyways.

Look it even has a zipper so it reallllllly works for storage.


  1. See. . . now I want to see a Tokidoki cosplay. Like Mozzarella (to go with your backpack) or Sabochan. I love the backpack.

  2. Yea the original intention was to cosplay Mozzarella and have my Latte sidekick. But I got distracted with other cosplays but still wanted Latte beside me.

    Stay tuned for another post coming this week ;)