Monday, October 31, 2011

Sammy's Halloween Costume - Masquerade Style

So this year for Halloween me and my friends got tickets to a masquerade ball where the dress code was either Black Tie with a Venetian mask or just a cool costume. This was an easy choice for several reasons. 1) gives me an opportunity to use the Venetian masks I got in Venice! 2) After many years of Halloween I'm getting tired of Sexy outfits, I just want to wear something really glamorous.

So Victorian or Venetian-ish Ball gown I pick :) Picked up a pattern so I can't screw it up too much.  Based off my mask I picked a pinkish (purple) fabric with a darker purple fabric (because my boyfriend wanted purple).

The pattern is for a normal size person (and i'm short) so i had to cut A LOT off.  The pattern of the train also drags onto the floor which I had to trim down because I can't run around in public crowded drunken place with my skirt mopping up everyone's alcohol and foot prints. 

So even though I followed the pattern of course the slightest shifts make a huge different.  With the picture on the right you can see that the where the lengths and curves were slightly different making the symmetry really off and odd.  Using a thick trim you can muddle those lines a lot  hiding the inconsistency.

With it being a floral trim I couldn't sew right over with a machine without it looking crappy, so I had to hand stitch the trim on.  Because it was straight it went fairly

Yay, now to show off the final product. Um excuse the lack of photo shopping the lighting and cropping out the silly door. I was in a rush to blog about this.

~giggle~ also time to show off me and my sweety ready for the ball.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Riven Costume complete!

Time: 2 weeks from start to finish
Cost: $0.00 for supplies (I used leftover scraps from other projects), $20 for the wig

Progress Photos:

armor and sword = blue styrofoam insulation, painted with acryllics; the spikes are made of Model Magic (by Crayola).
leather pauldron = leather draped over shaped buckram and plastic.
shirt & skirt = white cotton gauze fabric from JoAnn's Fabrics.
bodice & tabard = purple velveteen fabric, wooden buttons handpainted silver, white trim.
arm guard = plastic cranberry juice jug (from Costco), black plastic snow sled (from Target), fun foam, acryllic paint, Mod Podge
sandals: added flashing tape and paint to hide the sequins.
glove: from my closet, originally from Army surplus (borrowed from my Cobra Trooper costume).
arm wrap: a bandage from the medicine cabinet
wig: Anime wig from Party Supply store.
belt: from my closet, previously used with a pirate costume

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

French Food - Meat Stuffed Veggies

I came across an old cook book Tante Marie's French Kitchen.  Two dishes under the Vegetable section looked rather interesting.  Stuffed Cabbage and Stuffed Onion.  Both were stuffed with ground meat (ground beef and sausage meat). 

The Onion was easier to hallow out than I expected, once I got in, I was able to use a spoon to scrap the inards out.  Using the onion scraps to make a sauce, the onion was baked.  My the sauce was my favorite finding out of the whole book.

The stuffed cabbage had funny (but clever) directions to basically make sure you also stuff the meat between the leaves inside the cabbage.  In this case it the cabbage is braised for house in a flavored water.  The water turns into the popular Hong Kong cafe Luo Song Tong 羅宋湯.  I ended up enjoying the soup more than the main dish.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Riven Costume Finishing Touches

First I needed to make the bracer thing that Riven wears on her arm.

I started with an empty cranberry juice bottle, cutting off the top and bottom.

Next I took some plastic which was originally a snow sled and wrapped it around the juice jug, hot-gluing it in place.

I added some "fun foam" strips for dimension.

Then I painted it to look like metal. It is hard to hold a paintbrush and take a picture of yourself at the same time!

I finished this piece off by trimming the end and painting the brown part with the green rune.

I made a quick bodice from a corset pattern. I traced the pattern onto iron-on interfacing, cut out the interfacing, then placed them on the back of the fabric. This is a cheater way to make something fast but I wouldn't recommend it for "real" clothes.

I went on a road trip for a weekend retreat and wanted to make progress while we were gone so I hand-sewed all of the bodice pieces together. Don't worry, I wasn't the driver!

I finished the bodice at home on the sewing machine, adding the trim and a zipper.

It needed some buttons. I hand-painted some oval-shaped wooden buttons silver for the front details.

Remember my sword needed a handle? I finished that too! Since I was using scraps of foam I ended up having to make the whole sword in three pieces.

The pieces are held together with glue and CHOPSTICKS!

Okay so I won't be swinging this baby around, but it works for a prop I plan to handle carefully.

Time to paint it. What a disaster area on the craft room floor!

Looking pretty good. I continue to layer on paint until I'm satisfied with it.

I detailed the handle to look like wood and the hilt to look like metal.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Costume Progress - Riven's armor

Thursday night I finished three more pieces of the costume I am working on for Halloween: Riven from League of Legends. I may actually get this costume done on time!

First I finished the right leather pauldron. I cut a piece of leather and formed it around a frame made of buckram and a piece of plastic I cut from a plastic snow sled to give it shape.

I finished the right leg armor too. Wednesday night I painted it black, then on Thursday night I mixed some colors of green and silver together and rubbed the paint on over the black to give it a beaten metal look.

I had some leather belt blank scraps so I cut two strips and attached them to the back of the shinguard for straps. I glued velcro to one side so it will be easy to put on or take off.

I put together the pieces of the left shoulder pauldron by hotgluing them to a piece of soft-sheet craft foam. Then I painted the entire piece black.

After the black paint dried, I mixed up some more green and silver paint and rubbed it on to detail the piece.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Costume Progress: Riven

I haven't had much time to work on this costume over the last week, but I did get a few things done.

I formed the base of the shin guard from Model Magic and foam board.

The bodice/tabard piece is off to a good start.

I paper-mache'd the shin guard with strips of newspaper and Mod Podge to give it a uniform texture, then spray-painted it black. That's how far I got prior to tonight.

I spent about 2 hours working on everything tonight (Wednesday). First I hotglued the spikes to the shin guard (in some pictures - the Chinese art? - she has spikes on the knee, in others I can't see them, but I figured the spikes were cool so I would add them). Then I used this tube of Kwik Seal Plus that I had lying around to make the base of the spikes flow into the knee piece. That way it will look more like the spikes are coming out of the knee guard rather than having a gap.

Hot knife time! Tonight I also cut and primed the sword and pieces for the left shoulder armor.

I got started on the broken sword, drawing it straight onto a scrap of insulation foam and then cutting it out with the hot knife.

I had my laptop handy for reference pictures.

The first step was to cut out the rough shape.

Then I drew lines for the next cuts - diagonal cuts to shape the edges.

Here's what it looks like after the first round of shaping the edges - really rough. Nothing a little sandpaper can't fix though!

Sanded and ready for primer! Yes, I still have some leftover even after all of the furniture I refinished and the [Staff of Infinite Mysteries] I made this year. Remember, I am making this entire costume for a $0.00 budget and just reusing whatever I have!

Next I cut out pieces for the left shoulder pauldron. I just estimated the shape and drew it onto the foam, then cut it out roughly. This undergoes the same process as the sword - draw, cut, shape, sand, prime... and paint later.

Sanding smoothes the edges of the foam a lot. I used a rough grit first, then a finer sandpaper.

After making both pieces I tried them out on my shoulder to test the fit. Good enough, IMO!

Then I had to let the primer dry on everything so I played a round of Summoner's Rift in League of Legends. For some reason I ended up playing Soraka, who I never play, but we won anyway. The other team quickly surrendered.

When the primer was fairly dry, I hotglued the spikes onto the shoulder armor pieces, then added the Kwik Seal Plus around the bases to cover over most of the gap. I think the blocks look better than the spikes, but I could add something more to it later. This needs to dry overnight.

Last of all I slapped on a first layer of paint on the sword blade really quick, just some black and grey with metallic silver mixed in. I will detail it later after it dries overnight.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Geek Girl Con report

The first annual Geek Girl Con help in Seattle was an awesome success. Doors opening for Saturday and Sunday and selling out tickets within two hours each day.

SmallRiniLady and Ava got involved and has a panel to talk about "Costume Crafts and Cosplay". So much material we will devote a week to it later this year to cover the material we presented.

SmallRiniLady also held a booth in Artist Alley selling lots of her cosplay and hair accessories. From there she got to see all sorts of Geeky Girls and many of their geeky male supporters (suprisingly a lot of them attended, which is always awesome).

Let's see what kind of people attended geek girl con.

Lots of Star Trek Fans

Including zombie versions

Video Games, her bag is knit!

Even some of the plushies get to be cosplayed

Anime Fans

Comic Book Fans

Ok this is apparently the first female super hero

Ok . . . so this green arrow is the version from the SmallVille TV series

Dr Horrible Sing-A-Long Blog was awfully popular

So was Dr Who, but I didn't catch any one in a Tardis outfit though I heard that there was one wandering around.

The closing ceremonies for the convention was a Sing-A-Long Labyrinth (1986 Henson) showing. Which ment the Jarad Cosplayers and multiple puppet making Panels

Star Wars Puppets

Sock Puppets

This is SmallRiniLady's little Sock Puppet, he was manning her booth for a while, brough in some customers while scarring away others.

So not everyone has to dress up in cosplay, but just dress up.  This family has a fun story.  They tried to make little tricorn hats.  So they kinda screwed up but ended up with fortune cookies instead.  Still makes a fun hat.

How are you any more geeky than a GIANT multi side Dice