Saturday, October 22, 2011

Costume Progress - Riven's armor

Thursday night I finished three more pieces of the costume I am working on for Halloween: Riven from League of Legends. I may actually get this costume done on time!

First I finished the right leather pauldron. I cut a piece of leather and formed it around a frame made of buckram and a piece of plastic I cut from a plastic snow sled to give it shape.

I finished the right leg armor too. Wednesday night I painted it black, then on Thursday night I mixed some colors of green and silver together and rubbed the paint on over the black to give it a beaten metal look.

I had some leather belt blank scraps so I cut two strips and attached them to the back of the shinguard for straps. I glued velcro to one side so it will be easy to put on or take off.

I put together the pieces of the left shoulder pauldron by hotgluing them to a piece of soft-sheet craft foam. Then I painted the entire piece black.

After the black paint dried, I mixed up some more green and silver paint and rubbed it on to detail the piece.

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