Friday, October 28, 2011

Riven Costume complete!

Time: 2 weeks from start to finish
Cost: $0.00 for supplies (I used leftover scraps from other projects), $20 for the wig

Progress Photos:

armor and sword = blue styrofoam insulation, painted with acryllics; the spikes are made of Model Magic (by Crayola).
leather pauldron = leather draped over shaped buckram and plastic.
shirt & skirt = white cotton gauze fabric from JoAnn's Fabrics.
bodice & tabard = purple velveteen fabric, wooden buttons handpainted silver, white trim.
arm guard = plastic cranberry juice jug (from Costco), black plastic snow sled (from Target), fun foam, acryllic paint, Mod Podge
sandals: added flashing tape and paint to hide the sequins.
glove: from my closet, originally from Army surplus (borrowed from my Cobra Trooper costume).
arm wrap: a bandage from the medicine cabinet
wig: Anime wig from Party Supply store.
belt: from my closet, previously used with a pirate costume