Monday, October 24, 2011

Riven Costume Finishing Touches

First I needed to make the bracer thing that Riven wears on her arm.

I started with an empty cranberry juice bottle, cutting off the top and bottom.

Next I took some plastic which was originally a snow sled and wrapped it around the juice jug, hot-gluing it in place.

I added some "fun foam" strips for dimension.

Then I painted it to look like metal. It is hard to hold a paintbrush and take a picture of yourself at the same time!

I finished this piece off by trimming the end and painting the brown part with the green rune.

I made a quick bodice from a corset pattern. I traced the pattern onto iron-on interfacing, cut out the interfacing, then placed them on the back of the fabric. This is a cheater way to make something fast but I wouldn't recommend it for "real" clothes.

I went on a road trip for a weekend retreat and wanted to make progress while we were gone so I hand-sewed all of the bodice pieces together. Don't worry, I wasn't the driver!

I finished the bodice at home on the sewing machine, adding the trim and a zipper.

It needed some buttons. I hand-painted some oval-shaped wooden buttons silver for the front details.

Remember my sword needed a handle? I finished that too! Since I was using scraps of foam I ended up having to make the whole sword in three pieces.

The pieces are held together with glue and CHOPSTICKS!

Okay so I won't be swinging this baby around, but it works for a prop I plan to handle carefully.

Time to paint it. What a disaster area on the craft room floor!

Looking pretty good. I continue to layer on paint until I'm satisfied with it.

I detailed the handle to look like wood and the hilt to look like metal.


  1. looking good so far. keep up the great work. :)

  2. Thanks! I finished the costume and submitted it for the Harrowing contest. Wish I could haven taken some better pics though. Like, in the daylight.

  3. LOL, your picture of you painting is too funny