Monday, October 31, 2011

Sammy's Halloween Costume - Masquerade Style

So this year for Halloween me and my friends got tickets to a masquerade ball where the dress code was either Black Tie with a Venetian mask or just a cool costume. This was an easy choice for several reasons. 1) gives me an opportunity to use the Venetian masks I got in Venice! 2) After many years of Halloween I'm getting tired of Sexy outfits, I just want to wear something really glamorous.

So Victorian or Venetian-ish Ball gown I pick :) Picked up a pattern so I can't screw it up too much.  Based off my mask I picked a pinkish (purple) fabric with a darker purple fabric (because my boyfriend wanted purple).

The pattern is for a normal size person (and i'm short) so i had to cut A LOT off.  The pattern of the train also drags onto the floor which I had to trim down because I can't run around in public crowded drunken place with my skirt mopping up everyone's alcohol and foot prints. 

So even though I followed the pattern of course the slightest shifts make a huge different.  With the picture on the right you can see that the where the lengths and curves were slightly different making the symmetry really off and odd.  Using a thick trim you can muddle those lines a lot  hiding the inconsistency.

With it being a floral trim I couldn't sew right over with a machine without it looking crappy, so I had to hand stitch the trim on.  Because it was straight it went fairly

Yay, now to show off the final product. Um excuse the lack of photo shopping the lighting and cropping out the silly door. I was in a rush to blog about this.

~giggle~ also time to show off me and my sweety ready for the ball.


  1. Oo I have similar fabric that I made a corset out of it - except I think my pink fabric had more black in the design. Maybe. I swear it's that same shade of pink.

  2. bwa ha ha ha
    I didn't even finish my post yet and it's been published for a whole day, Ok I need to update this morning with details.