Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby Gift: Fleece Blanket (No Sew Project)

Baby Blankets make wonderful gifts.  But honestly these can be made for any age just by changing the print. 

This is a EASY project and can be made by anyone 7+, which means kids can be brought in for slave labor, I mean for learning experience.  ~cough cough~

So this is one of those times that making your own doesn't necessarily make it cheaper, but here's a few reasons why you should do it anyways
  • Can double the layers making it warmer
  • Decide your own prints
  • Mix your own prints
  • Pick your own size
  • Homemade is just always more personal

Here I've got a Winnie the Pooh and Kermit the frog print.  I'm using two layers, but this can work with a single layer as well.

I asked the fabric store to cut me a larger piece because I dont have confidence that they will cut straight lines when they are rushing through customers.  I placed my kermit fabric on the bottom and the Winnie the Pooh print on top and cut out a *perfect* rectangle based on the lines provided on this print.  Of course fleece does stretch, so try to lay as flat as possible.

You'll want to cut the edges to fringes (cut both layers together) around the entire blanket.  Remove the corner squares. Next tie off each of the fringes, if it's double layer than tie both layer's fringe together

The tying process can be done while watching tv on the couch.  Just make sure to do sections around the whole blanket first to keep blanket from shifting to much before it is complete. 

Vola, a wonderful soft and personally made blanket for loved ones to enjoy

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  1. i've made a ton of these and find them eaiser than sewing them. :)