Monday, December 5, 2011

Rose Vine Garden Bracelet

I drew out a necklace design with curves and drops but couldn't figure out how to do it.  Wait wait, I figured it out (well a book showed me); Tigerwire and crimp beads. This one has crimp covers to make it a little prettier. 

Continuing on I tried mixing in these cute paper flowers.  My boyfriend thought it was a little too much to make it into a necklace since it was too long in height but it still looked pretty nice as a bracelet.

The Paper Mulberry Flowers I found at the craft store came in sets of 3 shades.  I thought the gradient gives it such a uniqueness.


  1. SO PRETTY!!!!!!! How did u do it? do u have a pattern? :)

  2. hmmm, i guess my photos aren't clear enough, ok in a few months i'll make another post to show a pattern of this :)