Monday, January 30, 2012

Odin Sphere Mercedes - Headband

I ended up making this headband completely different from how I originally intended, which was to get wrap green ribbon around flower wire sticks, and to glue on silk flowers.  But using resources at home I ended up using different methods and didn't come up with a 100% replica, but actually something fancier.


Using the air dry clay I made three white flowers.

I used by sleeve to give the flower middle some texture Only attempt if using none sticky clay that won't stick and ruin  your clothes.

I used cake flower cutters normally used for wedding cakes to product my flower petals.  I squeezed the bottoms of the petals to give it a curved shape, and let all 15 pieces lay on tops of crumbled paper to give them some realistic non-uniformity.

While not completely try I pieced 5 peta;s togeter and placed the yellow piece in the middle

On to the headband

Instead of creating my own headband which i wanted to oringally do because it has a curved pattern i originally wanted to emulate, I started out with a flower garland that I had in my stash.  It's already got wire in it so it's got some structure. 

The beadings is alittle  fancy, but it can make my outfit pop more, but I did snip off the white flowers because I didn't want to contrast against the large white clay flowers I have made.

Because I'm going to be wearing the piece over a wig I created a loop and hood so I didn't have a fixed size to the headband.  At the time of putting on my costume I can clip it tighter or looser.

Final step:  Glue the flowers onto headband.

Can't wait to see me wearing it with my outfit.


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