Monday, March 19, 2012

Chocolate Truffle Class

Oh those online deals are so addictive!  Me and my friend Liz went to Dawn's Candy and Cake to take a chocolate truffle making class

We filled chocolate shells with chocolate ganache that we flavored with essential oils, fruit purees, nut butters, and liqure. The combinations I picked where
  • Hasetlenut and Chilli
  • Lemon and cheesecake
  • tequila and lime
  • brandy
  • passionfruit

 We were hoping to learn to roll out our own balls, but with the time constraint this was much easier.

Here we're melting chocolate for the coating. 

They taught us about tempering chocolate and how we could skip a lot of the hard work by using an existing piece of tempered chocolate as a starter.

~Stir stir stir~

We had to seal off our chocolate shells with a harden coating of chocolate so our ganache doesn't spill out.  ~dabbing with melted chocolate~ which sets really quickly.

We were taught to THROW our chocolate balls  into the melted chocolates, making a "plooop" sound as we did it.

Fishing them out with a special fork so it can slide off without any finger prints created.

The melted chocolate sets in about a minute so while it's still liquidy we put on little decorations like sprinkles or crushed nutz.  Great tip they taught us is to use a decoration pattern to determine which chocolate you are eating.

Yay, here are my chocolates

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