Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 SakuraCon (Pre) Art Show

Just like Ava who was preparing for Emerald City Comic Con last week, this week is my turn to be gearing up for SakuraCon, the Northwest Anime Con.  ~YAY~  This is my cosplay event of the year.

Just like last year I have reserved spaces in the Art Show, which is a auction for art pieces, and portions of the profits go to charity.

I know I know, it's not anime or video games, or even japanese related, but they are soooo cute! and it is chibi.

I believe I haven't posted about these on CraftersInDisguise yet.  As some of you know I'm a fat of mini top hats (well mini hats in general) and after the success of my Moogle Top Hat I've wanted to create many other characters into top hats. 

Instead of making new fabric top hats in Yellow and Miku turquoise I'm going to use foam clay to make them.  Here I've got two Pokemon and a Vocaloid.  I'll have many hats on display; some will be on alice headbands, some will be attached with ribbons; and some can be worn with hair barrettes
(I promise to blog more about these in the future)

  • Pokemon Oddish
  • Pokemon Pikachu
  • Vocaloid Miku
  • InuYasha Character Kilala
  • Xxxholic Mokona
  • Naruto
  • Pokemon Snubbull
  • Pokemon Clefairy
  • Pokemon JigglyPuff
  • Pokemon Meowth
  • Pokemon Psyduck
  • Pokemon Jolteon
yea I notice it's a lot of Pokemon, but it's the easiest to come up with that would be sellable due to the popularity of pokemon fleece hats.

As you can see I have made Prints of my Kokeshi Anime characters.

I did a whole set of them
  • Ourna Host Club
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • sailor moon
  • tsubasa (clamp)
  • code geass
  • final fantasy
  • naruto
  • hetalia
  • inu yasha
  • vocaloid
  • tiger and bunny
  • card captor sakura
  • Panty and Stocking
  • Xxxohlic

I know that the blog is online for the whole world.  But for anyone in Seattle who is going to SakuraCon, please check out the Art Show and see my pieces :)


  1. cool. dumb question but where did u buy the velvet for ur handmaiden gown?

  2. It was either JoAnn's or Hancock. Kind of a raspberry color. This was many years ago but they still carry the same kinds of velvet on hangers.

  3. You could try this one in the Wine color. I would look at it in person first though.