Friday, April 13, 2012

2012 SakuraCon SmallRiniLady Awards

Once again I'm back to present the SmallRiniLady awards for awesome costumes seen at SakuraCon. 

Awesome Human adaptation, the little create from Mahou Shouho Madoka Magica

2nd place for Human Adaptaion
Companion Cube

Best Prop.  Mario Kart

Kawaiiness.  Ok normally it's a little toddler who gets this award, but this year it's a worn out person who was bringing job to con goers dressed up as Kon from Bleach

Most Accurate: Evangelion Unit

Sexiest!  Look at that pokemon, it's got boobs!

Details:  I was amazed at the details put into this outfit, sorry dont konw what it's from

Best character acting:  Sorry this doesn't work as well without a video.  But this Beattlejuice had the perfect voice and walking style as he creeps around.

Hottest girl.  Yes she's hot because she's Sriracha Hot Sauce!
Found at Taco trucks and Pho places everywhere

Awesomeness:  Um I'm getting tired, pretend there's a category for this

Awesome non cosplay outfit:  She may not be cosplaying, but she totally fits into the scene with all the anime and video game characters running around.  I love that dress, I would wear it normally.

Best Makeup:  Chi ther persacon (computer in the form of a human) had streaks of white makeup to mimic the reflection of her plastic skin.  I was impressed

Me:  I thought I would throw in a picture of (1/7) of my cosplays so people knew who was voting.

More pictures taken by SmallRiniLady can be found here

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  1. Here are my Sakuracon pics from Saturday!