Thursday, April 26, 2012

Summer Tomato Plant

My Mom has a green thumb, and I've learned a trick or two from her. Back in high school we got a tomato plant, and it grew like crazy. We constantly had more cherry tomatoes than we could eat. This means we can have fresh off the vine tomatoes whenever we wanted.

So I'm going to retry this for this summer.  This whole set up cost me $4 USD, and if I can get two meals of tomatoes out of it, I've already flat lined my costs.

Starting with a little tomato plant and a cheap plastic pot set.
I can't believe how many varieties of tomatoes I could pick from.

I start by filling up my pot half way with soil ~cough~ which I stole from my mom's garden. You might want to purchase good soil for this instead of randomly digging from unknown location in the ground since you don’t know if it's been contaminated.

See the bottom of this pot has holes.  This is important for drainage because a plant can die from over watering.  This is why it's necessary to buy a pot made for planting and not something that was just pretty for holding cut flowers.

This is why the plant pots come with two pieces.  The base is to catch all the dripping water.  Also it can work backwards, that if the bottom pan is full of water and the soil is dry, some of the water can be soaked back into the soil through the holes.

 Vola, got the plant out of its travel container

Now put the plant in the pot whole. Don't loosen the soil or roots because it has to adapt to its new environment. It can die from the shock, think of it as a human that was randomly dumped into a deserted island. Next fill up the sides with the new soil. Over the next week the tomato plant will loosen its roots and expand on its own, just let nature do its thing.

These garden plants or seed packs purchased at the nurseries should come with information with it. Be sure to read them to give the plant the best life it can enjoy, this information can help you pick or avoid certain plants based on the environment you know it will be in.
My tomatoes require lots of sun, and good drainage.

This is right outside my kitchen patio door. Easy access for collecting right before a meal, and lots of sunlight.

Remember: A plant is a living creature. Treat it with respect and your results will be fruitful.

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