Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cosplay Progress - Power Puff Girls Z Dresses (Working with Fleece)

As promised, continuing on the Power Puff Girls Z cosplays

Because of the rushed job I went ahead and used fleece instead of fancier material.  Why this makes a wonderful shortcut
  • no hemming necessary, cut edges don't fray Just make sure it’s cut straight
  • comes in every color ever necessary  Go to the store with your mobile device so you can compare to an actual photo while picking fabric colors
  • Puffy Material, helps hid any seams if you dont use a tight stitch
  • Easy to maintain,  Throw into the wash without a care, and no ironing needed
  • less measurements needed because it stretches I didn’t need to measure any waistlines or chest areas; it’s basically a bag with rectangle cuts for the arm and neck holes.
Time to show off the cosplay.  Me and two friends decided to dress up as the PowerPuff Girls Z for SakuraCon.  YAY

Additional things I learned about fleece after wearing the outfit:

  • The Uniformity looks great
  • It's so cozy and soft we just wanted to wear it to and from the convention because if was comfortable,warm, and easy to travel in.

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