Monday, June 25, 2012

Making Foam Wings Part I

I've made wings in the past, but this time I wanted to make feather wings, but I didn't want to deal with real feathers.  So this is how to make Foam Wings.

please bare with the bad quality pictures.

as you can see here I've started with the base "meat" structure of the wing.  It's going to be much smaller than the end because feathers are attached by the tip only.  I'm using thicker sheets of foam for the base.

The basic shape of the feathers (yes it's not accurate to a real feather with a stem, but who cares since that part will be covered up) will be a long pointed ovals.  Here are two styles.
1) right:  is smooth, and will give a clean cartoony look
2)left:  more realistic,  gives more of the fluffy look (additional steps to come).  This one is more time consuming but if you want more realistic than you want this one.

using the powers of your figers, start ruffling the broken ends.  You want things to be uneven to be more realistic.

You are going to need a lot of these, and of varies sizes.  But keep them organized because you will need to place them in a patter

start with the longer feathers at the bottom.  The feathers near the center should point down, and as you move to the outer edge begin rotating them to point out slightly

as you continue up, start using smaller and smaller size feathers.  also rotate your feathers a little so they aren't all parallel, but sprawled out a little.  gives it a more organic feel

once you reach the top you can create one single curved feather that follows the ridge of your frame.  use it to hide the tops of the remaining feathers.

Yay for awesome looking wing made from foam.

you can stop here, but wait there is a part two to make it slightly better.  Later this week so see you soon


  1. This looks fantastic! Foam feathers are a challenge, but when you get them just right, they are wonderful (and cheap!) replacements to the real thing.

    1. thanks for the wonderful comment. stay tune because there's a part II to this

  2. This looks amazing! Thanks for the great tutorial. What kind of glue did you use to attach the feathers to the base?

    1. I'm sorry, looks like we dont get notified for our comments anymore.
      Any glue that works with foam (so basically anything). For me, I dont have much patience, so I stick with hot glue.