Thursday, June 28, 2012

Making Foam Wings Part II

Part II, for those who were here earlier this week, I showed you how to make foam wings. 

You can stop there, but I'm going to show you the little extra effort I did to make it beyond awesome.

sorry for the bad quality image

Because I used a thick base for the feather, you can see the surface when you look at the wings from the.  It's like when you see the back side of a movie prop, sometimes it destroys your image of the magic.

So we go ahead and cover it up!.  I've made tiny feathers to shove in the gap between the front and back panel, and I add them up the spine of the wing.

Now how to wear?  I used two allegator clips on the back of the wing

These allegator clips are so strong that by clipping them on some pinched fabric of my jacket they stay on.  I put a set on each wing so it allows me to move the wings closer or farther apart from each other.   Unlike all those costume wings you buy at the store, these don't have to be attached at a seam in the middle, and frankly, what bird have you ever seen who's wings on the left and right are attached from a single point?

hope you enjoyed this tutorial


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