Monday, June 11, 2012

Shimmering Mage Blouse

Sometimes fabric inspires me. I found this shimmery cotton which looked like something I thought a mage should wear. Flaming gold, icy blue...

I started making this peasant blouse using a Simplicity pattern. This was back in 2003 I think... and I never finished the project! Nine years later I pulled the half-finished shirt out of my closet and attacked it with my new serger.

When I finished the blouse I decided it really needed something more, like a necklace. I had this charm I had taken off of locket necklace (from Pier 1) and it went with the dress so beautifully that I decided to figure out a way to attach it.

I added an extra ring to the top of the pendant and then sewed a button onto the shirt so the ring could hang from the button. This really worked well! But you know what would make this even better? If I could somehow rig an LED behind that magical orb in the center of the pendant...

The sleeves have a nice opening -- because mages need flowing sleeves that automatically pull back when you raise your hands to cast Ice Bolts and Fireballs.

I hand-stitched gold thread around the sleeve opening for an added touch of magic.

Here's a better shot of the fabric so you can see how shimmery it is! I love it.

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