Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 Summer Urban Uprising Craft Show

I loved the creativity of these pieces.  This Mom made "Cameos" but using her own needle work to do design.  These jewelry pieces shout vintage style all over them.

This Washington native is one of my favorite artists Justin Hillgroves that does the Imps and Monsters paintings.  Portraits of monsters but making them absolutely adorable yet creepy.  Sorry I didn't get any close up shots of his paintings because I didn't know if I should ask to take a photo if a painting.

Crafting runs in the family.  This mom (Kristine Ann's) and daughter (Devout Dolls) shared a booth but sold different kinds of sewn goods.  Mommy made very fun frilly aprons using the most crazy prints she could find from Safety Pin prints to Super Heros.  Daughter sewed plushies, adorable fawns, and other woodland creatures.  Did I mention they had two heads!!!!!  LOL adorable yet slightly creepy.  We love it!

I promise to get and artist info card up.
Having recently worked with vinyl records myself, I was drawn to this booth.  This artist did the street art spray painting (I'm guessing he uses air brushes for these small pieces) to paint a portrait on vinyl records.  Re-purposing vintage is always fun

Careful It Bites artist makes little plushie monsters.  I thought it was very humourous to have little plant monsters that hid in a flower pot.  You couldn't see that it was really a monster without pulling it out.

Sparrow and Sundry was a cute artist that made little table display pieces.  I liked these clocks (mostly cause I prefer art pieces that also have a functional use).  

Vivi Dot makes accessories for her hand made buttons.  The buttons are made with her own custom printed fabrics using SpoonFlower.  I especially liked the pairs of buttons that needed to be put together like a puzzel to see the entire shape.  She's also got her own craft blog, so check her out .


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