Thursday, July 26, 2012

Costume Analysis - Candy Lolita

This Sweet Lolita I met at SakuraCon this year.  Her outfit was themed with Candy elements.  Some of these pieces she bought from Japanese Lolita Designers, while other pieces her friend hand made for her.

Let's explore

She accessorizes with Bubble Gum Machine earrings.

And a hand made (by her friend) bow.  This bow looks like a shrink wrapped candy that you need to open up and explode out with tiny pebbles of M&Ms.  Using bright and baby colors to keep with the Sweet Lolita look.

Another hair accessory brings cuteness through fluffy textures, heart shape, and miniatures.

Using cute confetti shapes of springs and polka dots to decorate her Lolita bow.

Like many lolita dresses, a corset lace up gives any lolita outfit an extra sexy touch.

Noticed her hair color is dyed pink to match this pink and white outfit?


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