Monday, July 2, 2012

Itty Bitty Steampunk Hats

Usually SmallRiniLady is the one who makes mini top hats, but I decided it was about time I tried making some. I even have a white wig to display it on, I'm totally copying her. Bwahahaha...

This brown vinyl hat was my first attempt. I added a red silk sash so it could go with my Steampunk Supergirl costume. Then I decided not to use it because it's brown.

This is my latest attempt, a much shorter hat. It's still not as sharp as I would like but I think the charcoal velvet with the white lace is pretty.

The hardest part about making these hats is figuring out how to make them stay on your head!

I think I'll leave the wee chapeaus to SmallRiniLady...

1 comment:

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