Saturday, August 11, 2012

At Geek Girl Con 2012 Saturday

We went to Geek Girl Con today!

SmallRiniLady with another Captain America Crossplayer!

Doctor Who and the Tardis showed up, too!

We didn't get stuck in the Labyrinth...

SmallRiniLady snaped a photo with Rosie the Riveter

Oh Henson, how do we love your googly eyes on Red Fraggle

Family Love

Ok, not sure who she is (I have a feeling that Ava will be lecturing SmallRiniLady later), but she did an amazing job hand dying silk and inlaying mother of pearl into her accessories

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

must save her from the Nothing .... we'll see you there tomorrow!
Join us for an Intro to Costuming and Cosplay in Room 204 at 12:30!

-Avalyn and SmallRiniLady


  1. Very cool! I've just heard about this convention. How is it compared to others since it's more of a targeted niche?

  2. Geek Girl Con is a fun convention, more family-friendly than ECCC or PAX, and less crowded, but still lively. Give it a couple of years and it may explode... but right now it's very enjoyable and well worth attending. As a female of the geek pursuasion I have to say that I found a lot of panels I was interested - I think I went to three or four? - which is more than I usually go to at local conventions. There's something for every geek!

  3. The rainbow sherbet gown is one of Senator Padmé Amidala's, from the scene in Star Wars: Episode II where she and Anakin first kiss.
    Thanks for the compliments! I'm super proud of the dress.

  4. I know where the Padme costume is from! I've made a couple of Padme costumes myself. :) Alas, SmallRiniLady has never seen Star Wars!!! At least she knows a pretty dress when she sees one, hehe... Nice job on the dyeing!