Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Fabric Labels - Printed Method

A few years ago when at SteamCon I fell in love with a girl's hat.  I asked her where she got it.  She took off her hat and showed me the label underneath.  I copied down the name and searched it up online. Aren't labels useful?

As many of you know I have an Etsy store and recently I've started putting labels onto my orders before sending them out.  But how do I make them?  I'm not going to glue paper on to a hat, that would look cheap.  But I'm not going to pay to have them mass made, nor am I going to use a Sharpie to write them all out.

Here's what you do:  Iron-on transfer and ribbon!

Here I've printed my Artist Name SmallRiniLady with the Etsy link.  READ INSTRUCTIONS.  This transfer paper needed me to print revered, although I believe I've also used other transfer papers that didn't require the backwards printing.  



Look look, isn't that cool?

I keep my labels on the roll and cut them off as I need, that way it stays a little more organized.

You can make little ribbon bows or puffs to make it look a little glamorous, but since I used cheap ribbon I simply just cut around the logo and glued.


  1. This could be just the method to suit me. Found you through browsing for tips on fabric labels for craft items and this post is perfect.

    Thanks :)