Monday, August 6, 2012

Electronics in Disguise

 Even electronics can join in cosplay craze!

I won an online contest on Facebook  and ended up with a $100 gift card. Cafepress is a website where anyone can upload images and then Cafepress will make things with that image on that.

I'd been wanting a decal to put on my boring silver laptop and this steamer trunk image seemed to be just the thing.

I used a sharp craft knife to cut out the logo before applying the decal. To get the placement correct, I first traced the outline of the lid and the logo onto a piece of white scrap paper, cut it out, then transferred that onto the backing of the sticker. Easy!

I also picked up this iPhone case. When I'm cosplaying at a convention, I still carry a cellphone, so it helps if my phone dressed for a supporting role!

Steampunk iPhone cases on
Steampunk luggage laptop skins on

(Note: This is NOT a paid advertizement. But I have no problem promoting a merchant who gives me a free gift card without any strings attached!)

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