Thursday, August 23, 2012

Riven Cosplay - Shirt Upgrade

I like to make costumes I can wear over and over again. Sometimes I have to do a rush job to get the costume done on time, but then I have the opportunity to go back and redo something, give it an upgrade.
It looks a little droopy in front because my dress form is rather flat-chested...
I made a new shirt for my Riven costume. The first shirt was literally three pieces of cotton gauze fabric sewn together at the shoulders and sides. It was really rough, not wearable in public.

This shirt took four (4) hours to make, a nice after-work evening project. The fabric is super-soft, stretchy, and also breathable!

I didn't use a pattern, but I did have a store-bought shirt of a similar fabric, so I traced it to get a pattern for the back, then I draped the rest. If I didn't have a serger, this stretchy fabric would have been a lot more difficult to work with, I would have had to roll all of the hems, yikes! As it is, I just serged the edges every piece of fabric after I cut them out and ended up leaving the arm holes and the bottom hem rough. The bottom will be tucked into the skirt anyway!

I hope I can finish the rest of my upgrades to this costume before PAX. It's less than two weeks away!


  1. Thanks! But man, try finding a bra that works with it...

    1. you could try those peel on bras or a tube top bra. just suggesting. lol. ;)

    2. I'm going with a corset... none of those other options work for my body type.

  2. I attacked the shirt with tea and paint this weekend. Trying to dirty it up a bit!