Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Pax Prime Day 2 & 3 Cosplays

I decided to split up cosplay pictures into a separate blog posting since there were so many amazing outfits.

Isn't this baby adorable as the Marshmallow Guy from Ghost Busters Movie

Halo meets Captain America, pretty clever

Love the details

Loving the ColoUrs
Diablo 3 Mage
We've seen this girl before on the blog.  She was at SakuraCon with her Steampunk Mario Cosplay group.  But this time she has continued to enhance her outfit even more that I fell it love with it all over again.

The added a Donkey Kong this con to the Steampunk Mario group, and I thought his poses were accurate and hilarious.

This Wii and Xbox 360 couple was so cute.  I laughed when I noticed the Xbox was a white girl, and the Wii was an Asian girl.  Don't think they did it on purpose though.

Ok this outfit was just freaking cute.
Annie as Tibbers from League of Legends?

Love this guy for the way he did the makeup for his scars.  Need to study and practice this style.

Posion Ivy and Harley Quinn in War gear.  Pretty cool crossing themes.

Guardians Of Middle-Earth booth was giving out Gandalf hats.  I didn't want one since it would clash with my outfit, but the guy was very insistent.  I must admit, I do look pretty cute as a witch.

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