Monday, September 10, 2012

Custom Handmade Birthday Card

The local store didn't have any birthday cards for Grandpas, let alone 85th Birthday cards. So I made one!

You can make your own card like this, it's a super-easy project that can be done in 10 minutes or less.

Here's what you need:

- card stock, 8.5 inches x 5 inches makes a card 4.25 inches by 5 inches (for the card size, measure your envelope and subtract 1/4 inch from both dimensions)
- colorful striped scrapbook paper
- textured red card stock (for the numbers)
- thin ribbon
- hole punch
- glue stick
- sewing machine w/ color-coordinating thread
- scissors
- paper cutter


1. Cut the card with your paper cutter, fold it in half to make the card. Run the edge of a scissor blade along the outside of the crease, shaving off just a little to make a good folded edge.
2. Cut a piece of striped scrapbook paper, fitted to the size of the card but leaving 1/4" on each edge and 1" on the top edge.
3. Position the striped paper on the card and use a straight-stitch to sew it in place. If you use a fancy satin or metallic thread, use it in the top spool (the bobbin thread should be similar or coordinating but could be white or plain thread).
4. Cut out the numbers from the red card stock. You may want to draw the numbers on the back of the card stock in reverse first so you have a line to follow when you cut. Use a hole punch to cut out the centers of 6's, 8's or 9's.
5. Use a glue stick to paste the numbers onto the front of the card.
6. Punch two holes in either end of the front of the card on top. (You don't need to go through both layers of the card.)
7. Thread ribbon through and tie in a bow.

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