Monday, September 17, 2012

Fleece Cosplay Dragon Ball Z Gohan

I've talked about this before, but I wanted to bring you another example of why using fleece for cosplays are so great.

Fleeze is stretchy and smooshable so making a ball is much easier than traditional fabrics, because if you make a mistake, enough tugging out or smooshing inwards will help get you to the desired shape.

Because fleece is light, you can def add full supture pieces to the top of the hat without worrying about it being too heavy. 

This kid is a child of an old classmate, I didn't have him around to try test the outfits while I was making, so his parents sent me a ton of measurements.  But just in case, using fleece means it can strech a bit if the outfit is too small.  ~cough~ ok i made the shirt too short, I asked them to pull to stretch it out, dont oonw how much you can stretch before it gets a little crazy.

Anyways with the fleece I didn't need to worry about cutting the edges and it fraying, so I was able to cut out the chinese symboles and use a zigzag stitch on it to sew the pattern on.  If you go over the sewn lines a few times with the zig zag it creates this very smooth pipping look. 

The tail would look a lot more awesome if it could be shaped.  ok that's easy, let's put some wire in it.  But But But how do you wash the outfit if there's bendable wire in it?  Put the tail on with a button!  LOL ok so maybe it distracts the person and shows that this is indeed a costume instead of a real tail, but I thought it was a really cute idea.  And besides isn't it any mother's dream to be able to wash a child's outfit simply without having to destroy it?

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