Monday, October 29, 2012

Steampunk Cosplay from SteamCon 2012

SmallRiniLady and I attended SteamCon this weekend in Bellevue, WA. There were many fabulous things to see, and most of the attendees dressed up in Steampunk costumes, ranging from historical Victorian wear to fanciful, unique characters. I wish I could have taken pictures of them all!

SmallRiniLady as a marionette doll
Wind-up porcelain doll
Walter and Victoria's fabulous mini-crossbows!
Make-up of Death!
Very realistic-looking fox puppet!
His puppeteer had a really cute Steampunk outfit too, love those stripes.
Cosplay group photo-shoot - the more the merrier!
Eric the vampire, befitting the Victorian Monsters theme.
Mouse lady with a cage of wee mice!
SmallRiniLady will have more pics up later, so come back and check for more Steampunk cosplay!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Steampunk LollyPop

For a Lolita Steampunk Cosplay, I wanted a Lolita prop.  ~giggle~ a LOLLYPOP.
So let's see how to make a steampunk version of a lollypop.

Instead of getting the expensive steampunk gears at the craft store, I went to the original source, the Hardware Store! I went through the different buckets of bulk goods and picked up random pieces that I thuoght would look cool together, including a long screw to use as a handle.

Alcohol ink will dry to metal, and not rub off but it will if you spill a happy hour drink on it.  It's just randomly dab it all over the metal pieces to give it an non uniformed colouring.

Than using industrial super glue I randomly arranged them into a lollypop shape.  


The glue isn't ment for metal, so after many uses, some of the joints did get lose, so a little extra glue helped them stay put.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Architecture Inspiration from NY

It was a wind-swept sort of day!
Architecture is not just about pretty shapes and dimensions. It tells a story! 

The Statue of Liberty has its own story. The pedestal was built on a pre-existing base from a fort so the architecture is from two different time periods. Plus, the statue was built in France while the pedestal was built in America.

The audio tour told us all about the story while we toured the island. Next stop was Ellis Island.
I hear Roosevelt used to hang out here. Beautiful weathered copper patina dome.

Ellis Island - this is one of the first places immigrants congregated after reaching the New World. They had to go through all sorts of tests before they were allowed to continue on to New York. Some were sent home back across the Atlantic.
Central Park! Remember this place from The Angels Take Manhattan?
This beautiful old church and graveyard survived 9/11.
The 9/11 Memorial site.
Disappearing into the clouds...
Wrought iron fences! I think this was in Greenwich Village.
Classic NY... fire escapes!
A cute and simple harvest window box idea.
19 1/2! In the Village
Love this blue door. Pin-worthy!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sneak Peak for 2012 Steamcon

Yay, Steamcon is in two weeks.  It's the Steampunk convention here in the Seattle area.  This year because it's the Halloween weekend the theme is Victorian Monsters.

Here's a peak at my costume in works.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Inspriation Photo - Grocery Store

I happened to be on the second level looking down into a grocery store and I was just mesmerized.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Inspiriation from New York

I just went to New York for the first time and I have to share about my trip! NY has tons of gorgeous things to see and geeky stuff to do.

I found the last apple on the tree!
On my first day there I went apple-picking with my family. There were hardly any apples left, it was a struggle to fill up half a bag. But then we got caught out in a flash hail storm. and we were SOAKED. Later, we made applesauce.
Pumpkins! Apples! Did someone say PIE?
That's my sister and brother-in-law Kristin and Michael Mulligan, right before the storm hit.
My sister, marching through the apple orchard. I love this shot. Look at those storm clouds!
Of course I had to visit the garment district! I would be crazy not to!
Michael showed me around his favorite place to buy buckles - Pacific Trimmings.
Zippers and buttons OH MY!
Why is my brother-in-law showing me around the garment district? Well, he likes making costumes too! He's working on one for NYCC that you might recognize.

Watch out New York Comic-Con!

Found a lot of Steampunk inspiration in NY!

Ellis Island immigration museum displays and a piece of the Statue of Liberty torch
The door handle on the gift shop under the Statue of Liberty. WOW.
After visiting the giant alien Angel we went to Central Park to find some more angels. I did my best not to blink. Those little cherubs in the fountain were pretty creepy though.

For more Doctor Who Takes Manhattan nonsense and silly pics, click here!

Last of all, we couldn't miss out on seeing a Broadway play!

Loved the show!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Button Bracelets and Cuffs

This is a fun, unconventional accessory, a soft fabric alternative to a bracelet. It could dress up an everyday outfit or add some bling and color to a Steampunk costume.

This cuff is like a cuff of a shirt, but it's not attached to a sleeve! Wear it like you would a cuff, but with a sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt, in place of a bracelet. Show off the decorative button with an attractive splash of color.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Creatures of Fantasy

I made a Venn diagram that compares unicorns, Satan, and Your Mom. Because it had to be done.

And hey, if you want it on a T-shirt, I can oblige.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cosplay Prop - Vanilla's Spoon

I absolutely love the anime series Yumeiro Patissiere. It's about Baking desserts, what's not to love about that? (I'm a total foodie).

So this is Vanilla, the main fairy the helps the student out as she learned.  I made the outfit, wings, and spoon prop. 

I found this foam piping  (super flexable) material in the hardware store.  Honesty I dont know what it's suppose to be used for, but that's the magic of aim lessly wandering and finding wonderful material.

I made the M logo of the spoon with sparkle craft foam and coloring the foam pipping with a black marker.

I created a harder back surface for the spoon handle end using the thicker presentation form boards.

Remember using the Iron for the Chi ears?  Well using that technique again.  I'm ironing this foam to help form it into the spoon base.

Need to hold it in it's shape as it cools

Now for the gold coloUring, via spray paint.

I love using old shower curtains.  It can be bunched up so you can get to areas like the underside.

Attach everything to a wooden dowel for a handle and vola.  Now I just need to know how to fly away.