Monday, October 22, 2012

Architecture Inspiration from NY

It was a wind-swept sort of day!
Architecture is not just about pretty shapes and dimensions. It tells a story! 

The Statue of Liberty has its own story. The pedestal was built on a pre-existing base from a fort so the architecture is from two different time periods. Plus, the statue was built in France while the pedestal was built in America.

The audio tour told us all about the story while we toured the island. Next stop was Ellis Island.
I hear Roosevelt used to hang out here. Beautiful weathered copper patina dome.

Ellis Island - this is one of the first places immigrants congregated after reaching the New World. They had to go through all sorts of tests before they were allowed to continue on to New York. Some were sent home back across the Atlantic.
Central Park! Remember this place from The Angels Take Manhattan?
This beautiful old church and graveyard survived 9/11.
The 9/11 Memorial site.
Disappearing into the clouds...
Wrought iron fences! I think this was in Greenwich Village.
Classic NY... fire escapes!
A cute and simple harvest window box idea.
19 1/2! In the Village
Love this blue door. Pin-worthy!

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