Thursday, October 11, 2012

Inspiriation from New York

I just went to New York for the first time and I have to share about my trip! NY has tons of gorgeous things to see and geeky stuff to do.

I found the last apple on the tree!
On my first day there I went apple-picking with my family. There were hardly any apples left, it was a struggle to fill up half a bag. But then we got caught out in a flash hail storm. and we were SOAKED. Later, we made applesauce.
Pumpkins! Apples! Did someone say PIE?
That's my sister and brother-in-law Kristin and Michael Mulligan, right before the storm hit.
My sister, marching through the apple orchard. I love this shot. Look at those storm clouds!
Of course I had to visit the garment district! I would be crazy not to!
Michael showed me around his favorite place to buy buckles - Pacific Trimmings.
Zippers and buttons OH MY!
Why is my brother-in-law showing me around the garment district? Well, he likes making costumes too! He's working on one for NYCC that you might recognize.

Watch out New York Comic-Con!

Found a lot of Steampunk inspiration in NY!

Ellis Island immigration museum displays and a piece of the Statue of Liberty torch
The door handle on the gift shop under the Statue of Liberty. WOW.
After visiting the giant alien Angel we went to Central Park to find some more angels. I did my best not to blink. Those little cherubs in the fountain were pretty creepy though.

For more Doctor Who Takes Manhattan nonsense and silly pics, click here!

Last of all, we couldn't miss out on seeing a Broadway play!

Loved the show!

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