Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Tree Geekery

My Christmas tree is up!

Over the years I have collected a lot of Star Wars ornaments (mostly from Hallmark) that I received as gifts. When shopping for Christmas gifts for a nerd it's hard to go wrong with Star Wars ornaments!

I also have a lot of Disney ornaments. When I was a kid my sister and I had a mini Christmas tree that we filled with only Disney ornaments so I have a whole shoebox full of them. My hubby likes to go to Disneyland a lot so I try to get a different ornament for each trip.

I love my Arena Battle Padme ornament because that was my first Star Wars costume I made!

The Looney Tunes ornament actually has working gears with a handle you turn to raise and lower Wile E. Coyote. Cool!

Captain Kirk is my only Star Trek ornament but he looks awesome commanding from his chair near the top of the tree.

And that  little fox is just cute, isn't it?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Xbox Christmas Wreath

Oh what a geeky way to decorate the holiday!  A Christmas Wreath to hang on your door.  I think I'm going to bring it to work and hang it outside my office.

So I happened to have a excess stack of unopened Xbox games.

So I thought, what can I do with it?  

Hey Christmas is coming up.  Arrange in a circle and glue them together

Add some Green ribbon to hang with

Since I have so many discs, let me share with the world.   You can find these wreaths on my ThreeLace Etsy shop

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Tofurkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving, the day we all (most of us) celebrate by eating turkey.  But for those who are vegetarian, I thought I would share with you our turkey celebration by making a tofu version.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Holiday Fascinators

As many of you know, I love making mini Hats and Fascinators.  I started making holiday themed hair decor to celebrate the Seasons.   These are some of my Autumn pieces, they kind remind me of Thanksgiving holiday.  I start with a flat base of orange, yellow, or brown felt (basically fallen leaves colours),  Than I cluster on things that remind us of this season.  Hair attachment of choice is a hair barrette

You can find these pieces listed on my Etsy site

More will be around at Christmas Time.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inspiriation: Scrappy Chevron Strip Pillows

Wouldn't this be a fun sewing project? What an excellent way to use old swatches and fabric scraps!


Anthropologie Pillow $78 West Elm Kantha Chevron Pillow Cover $29

Construction Observation:

The West Elm pillow is created by stitching strips of colored fabric onto textured white fabric with one or two lines of stitching down the center of the fabric strip. This is quick and easy (thus the cheaper price) but could lead to frayed edges, gives the pillow a chenille texture.

On the Anthropologie pillow, each strip of fabric is stitched closer to the edges, on both edges. This is twice the work, but should reduce fraying. Also, there is more space in the "gutters" between the rows of angled strips. This calls more attention to the fact that the strips are appliqued on instead of patchwork, whereas the West Elm pillow could just as easily been constructed with four rectangles pieced together. I also like the sharper angle of the chevron effect, and I like how the addition of darker colors adds more contrast against the white.


  • Two squares of medium or heavy-weight white textured fabric, 18-inch square plus seam allowance (19-20 inches square)
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Pencil
  • Blue chalk
  • Cutting board and rotary cutter
  • Piece of scrap tagboard (for a template) or thin cardboard or card stock
  • scissors (for the tagboard)
  • one 18" pillow form
  • zipper (optional)
  • iron & ironing board
  • sewing machine & thread
  • Fabric scraps, 7 or more different fabrics (15 is a good target). 
    • TIP: Make sure to include a yellow/gold, a red, and a turquoise/aqua fabric. This will help the overall random combination look cohesive.
    • Include neutral, tan or beige fabrics to coordinate with home decor.

How to Make One:

  1. Decide if you want 4 or 6 vertical stripes. 
  2. Determine the width of each "gutter". Write this down.
  3. Determine the width of each "stripe". To do this, multiply the number of "gutters" by the gutter width (from step 2), then subtract that length from 18 inches. Divide that total by the number of stripes and you have your exact width for each stripe. Write this down.
  4. Create a template for your fabric strips. It's a parallelogram! On a piece of tagboard, draw two parallel lines (the width between the two lines is your choice, try a half inch?). Use the protractor to determine the degree of the angle you want, then draw an angle across one end of the parallel lines. Turn the tagboard piece so that the angle line you just drew is now a vertical line. Measure from that line with a rule the width of your stripe (from step 3) and draw another line bisecting both parallel lines. Now you have your parallelogram for your strip template. Cut it out of the tagboard. Trace it onto a scrap paper several times in the chevron pattern to see if it looks right to you. If it looks wrong, change your measurements or angles and make a new template. Get your template correct before you start cutting fabric!
  5. Iron/press your fabrics to get out the wrinkles
  6. Using the rotary cutter and cutting board, cut out strips of fabric, perhaps 3 to 7 strips per fabric. Calculate how many pieces you need - perhaps 84 to100 strips.
  7. This is the fun part! Put all of the strips in a bag, then randomly take them out one at a time and arrange them in the chevron pattern (on the floor, table, or on an 18"x18" mat). When you are done laying them out, adjust a few pieces so your reds, yellows, and aquas are evenly distributed and make sure you don't have two of the same pattern next to each other.
  8. Mark placement lines on the white fabric using blue chalk.
  9. Stitch the strips onto the white fabric. (Easy method is to just sew one line down the center of the strip. Better method is to sew down both sides of the fabric strip, close to the edge.)
  10. Trim edges of fabric strips
  11. Sew the front and back together, add zipper on one edge.
  12. Insert pillow form and zip it up!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Human Made versus Nature Made ColoUrs - Butter

Just like Chedder cheese, I wonder why human production purposefully over fakes the coloUring of the man made versions.  Individual slices of margarine and butter served at a cafeteria.

Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 SteamCon Hats

For a SteamPunk outfit, it is not necessary to have cogs or goggles to make it SteamPunk , in fact some times it isn't even logical (but sometimes it's alright to not be logical).  But what is required of a SteamPunk outfit is a HAT, or some sort of head fascinator.  

So this year at SteamCon I wanted to take a look at the hats that people wore.  FIY this year's SteamCon theme was Victorian Monsters, probably because it was during Halloween weekend, 

Top Hats
This hat is BIG

Her hat is covered with bridal tulle with colours that match her bright outfit

She's cookie monster (and she carried around cookies to give to people)

Top hat made of metal, with a Roses, and a working Clock


A hunter is wearing her catch

Just a cute Lolita Fawn

Another young deer.

Fancy Gothic Elfling

Monster and Witches

Ok she doesn't have a hat, but her hair is just fascinating.  I guess I've seen and made CyberLoxs before, but because of the matching outfit, this really pops.

Spiky Helmet

Dark Witch

Who is she?  I looks familiar, kinda looks like a Witch from Madoka, but it's got to be something


Garrison, didn't know her persona

A hood counts as a hat right?  I just love how this looks.  She could be wandering the desserts and shielding herself from the sand storms.


hand altered high society Hat

High Society Lady

Safari Hat

House of Wormwood
An artist who's hats seemed to pop up around the con.  Looking at her pieces 
I can tell why they are so popular


She covers her head with a jeweled scarf.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Aki Con

Quick Posting about my observations of Cosplay and Con of AkiCon 2012

Welcome to AkiCon, Anime convention in Bellevue WA, this year on Halloween weekend.

Final Fantasy, look at the details

Panty and Stocking. I can't imagine wearing that much body paint.  

Ok this was disturbing.  Artist Alley was in the garage.  A leaky garage.  I just wanted to cry at the thought that an artist at any time could get their merchandise ruined.

Shiro Lolita, oddly I really like the parking lot background to this photo, it provides such a contrast.

Pocky Stacking Competition, fun!

K, I don't know who they are, but their colour pallet really stands out and their outfits are really fascinating.  Although based on what they are holding, I'm wondering if they are Pokemon trainers

Lorax, LOL

Sailor Moon Cut out.  Instant Cosplay pictures?

Nyan Cat

Kingdom Hearts - Christmas Theme?

Dr. Slump, such a cutie

One thing I do like about Aki Con is the backdrop room in which you can take pictures with lots of themed backdrops.  They say due to crowd controls, these are really hard to put on in larger cons.

Such elegant outfits.  with those elegant snacks of hot dogs and Nacho Cheese.

Trophies for the competitions.  I love the pumpkins for Halloween.

Brave, Dea Star booth in Artist Alley

Crossplay is always fun.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, her pose and expression are precise.  I just want rifles to fall out of her skirt now.

Some cosplay props made available to anyone to play with

Halloween Creepiness can be found

Xmen, I love her outfit

Batman, very well done

Pumpkin patch of different animes. 

Vocaloid, first time I've seen a plush version of the headphones