Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Aki Con

Quick Posting about my observations of Cosplay and Con of AkiCon 2012

Welcome to AkiCon, Anime convention in Bellevue WA, this year on Halloween weekend.

Final Fantasy, look at the details

Panty and Stocking. I can't imagine wearing that much body paint.  

Ok this was disturbing.  Artist Alley was in the garage.  A leaky garage.  I just wanted to cry at the thought that an artist at any time could get their merchandise ruined.

Shiro Lolita, oddly I really like the parking lot background to this photo, it provides such a contrast.

Pocky Stacking Competition, fun!

K, I don't know who they are, but their colour pallet really stands out and their outfits are really fascinating.  Although based on what they are holding, I'm wondering if they are Pokemon trainers

Lorax, LOL

Sailor Moon Cut out.  Instant Cosplay pictures?

Nyan Cat

Kingdom Hearts - Christmas Theme?

Dr. Slump, such a cutie

One thing I do like about Aki Con is the backdrop room in which you can take pictures with lots of themed backdrops.  They say due to crowd controls, these are really hard to put on in larger cons.

Such elegant outfits.  with those elegant snacks of hot dogs and Nacho Cheese.

Trophies for the competitions.  I love the pumpkins for Halloween.

Brave, Dea Star booth in Artist Alley

Crossplay is always fun.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, her pose and expression are precise.  I just want rifles to fall out of her skirt now.

Some cosplay props made available to anyone to play with

Halloween Creepiness can be found

Xmen, I love her outfit

Batman, very well done

Pumpkin patch of different animes. 

Vocaloid, first time I've seen a plush version of the headphones


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