Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 SteamCon Hats

For a SteamPunk outfit, it is not necessary to have cogs or goggles to make it SteamPunk , in fact some times it isn't even logical (but sometimes it's alright to not be logical).  But what is required of a SteamPunk outfit is a HAT, or some sort of head fascinator.  

So this year at SteamCon I wanted to take a look at the hats that people wore.  FIY this year's SteamCon theme was Victorian Monsters, probably because it was during Halloween weekend, 

Top Hats
This hat is BIG

Her hat is covered with bridal tulle with colours that match her bright outfit

She's cookie monster (and she carried around cookies to give to people)

Top hat made of metal, with a Roses, and a working Clock


A hunter is wearing her catch

Just a cute Lolita Fawn

Another young deer.

Fancy Gothic Elfling

Monster and Witches

Ok she doesn't have a hat, but her hair is just fascinating.  I guess I've seen and made CyberLoxs before, but because of the matching outfit, this really pops.

Spiky Helmet

Dark Witch

Who is she?  I looks familiar, kinda looks like a Witch from Madoka, but it's got to be something


Garrison, didn't know her persona

A hood counts as a hat right?  I just love how this looks.  She could be wandering the desserts and shielding herself from the sand storms.


hand altered high society Hat

High Society Lady

Safari Hat

House of Wormwood
An artist who's hats seemed to pop up around the con.  Looking at her pieces 
I can tell why they are so popular


She covers her head with a jeweled scarf.


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