Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Costume Designs by NoFlutter

I wanted to feature an artist I found on DeviantArt, NoFlutter.  

She seems to focus a lot on details of character design.  She seems to do a mixture of Steampunk, Fantasy, and Pin Up

I love the sketch quality of her work.  Let's not distract in a muddle of background noise.

I also love the use of colour in her pieces.  Not the same leather looking everything as many steampunk artist focus on.  

You may have seen her work before, this piece has been found around the internet.
 Steampunk Batman Girls.  This has become inspiration for quite some cosplayers

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fleece Hat with Ears

I noticed a few years ago that this plushie's (Peckle) head was about the same size as a baby. Because of that, I've been using this plushie as a measuring device when making hats for babies. You'd be suprised how easy it is to make a fleece hat.

Measure long strip of the circumference of the head.

The bottom strip is folded in half to give a clean band to the bottom of the hat.  Then the middle piece should be the distance of the top edge of the bottom strip to the middle top point of the head.  Cut some triangle notches into the top, so you can create a curved head.

Here's a photo of the hat inside out to show you the sew lines.
Sewing the triangle sides with the one next to it, if you cut them spaced out evenly, the middle point will come in on it's own.  Of course slip in the ears as you sew the triangles up.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Devices: Battery Power

Ever been to a con and needed to find an outlet for your laptop or glue gun to fix your outfit?  I HAVE!

Well when you are mobile I've been able to find a bathroom or a hidden corner with an outlet, but in the case that you are stuck at a booth and no one to cover for you . . . . Guess what I found.  At an electronic store I found a giant Battery Pack.  I charge it over night at home. And it gives me about an hour and half of battery power for my glue gun.  Which is great that I can offer alterations on my hats (for changing out hair clips, headbands, or barrettes) on the fly.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012

Every year I love watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show because it's a great inspiration on wing design, and the occasional costume design as well.  Unfortunately I was a little disappointing this year, didn't think the art direction was as great as previous years.  Either way, I think I'll highlight a few pieces that stood out to me.

Let's start off with some wings.  I love how the stars for the American flag aren't just painted on but float out.  And the stripped skirt flows well in the wind like a flag.

This was really fun to me.  The Clovers pop out of the body like wings, but it accents this Irish look.

No wings on this girl, but I love her Bustle.  It gives great body, and the trim really draws to the the shape that you otherwise couldn't admire on film without.

Another unconventional wing.  This for me was impressive because the flowers have such realistic details.  If you didn't know she was on a runway, you would think she was a tiny fairy.

I dont know why, but I love this look.  It's the new years baby with the sash, and celebration style of a sparkle top hat.  And something about the Golden Wings.  I just can't describe why I feel this looks so well put together.

I like the bottom half of her wings,  I'm not sure if they are wings or a bustle made from feathers.  They draped across the ground behind her as she walked.  

This one kinda took me surprise.  For you Anime fans, does it not remind you a bit of Rei from Evangelion?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Holiday Fascinators

Last month I showed my Thanksgiving Fascinators.  This month, it's Christmas time!  Tis the season to celebrate Jesus's birth, and to decorate with flashy lights and sing Carols.  

I gather a bunch of different Christmas themed items and grouped by similar colours.  Than playfully arranged them and stuck them on a headband this time instead of a hair barrette.  

Many of these headbands can be found on my Etsy shop

My favorite parts of these pieces are the christmas light ornaments because they are such icon to the holiday for me.