Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Consumer Electronics Show

 Crazy Trade Show of All The New TECH STUFF.  I got the opportunity to go to CES this year and here's a tiny report of some of the side things that I found really cool (besides the fancy TVs and Computers).

3D System put out a hobbiest 3D printers.  I was very fascinated with 3D printers and I found all of the home versions to be of equal quality.  But I found this company added a little extra effort than the others in their modeling work.  By flashing some credentials I got them to make a model of my head in their software.  They are using the Kinect for Windows as a scanner while one of their guys spun me on a stool.  It didn't come out great, but it looks like it's leading the tech in an awesome direction.

PocketPhoto by LG:  This mobile phone size device can go along with you to give you cell phone picture prints on the fly.

Displair:  Playing Fruit Ninja on water vapors.  How?  There's a projection onto the humidifier and two sensors to sense location and tap (finger going through).

These classic notebooks are actually ipad covers.  Thought it was funny.

Talking about Apple products and covers.  Look at these Marvel and DC, and Soft Kitty iphone covers!!

These are speakers!  Sure you aren't getting great bass, but the simple and small design makes it easy to hide along any wall trim.

I was too distracted at the zipper on the cords.  Love the design of these headphones.

Blue technology for the cars.  Yes the dash is just an LED display.  The part that scares me is the car handle is also just an LED display.

Playstation Wonderbook is a great demo for augmented reality gaming.  Though the actual game Book of Spells needs some work.

This input device by 3D Systems is really cool.  It allows you to work in 3D space with pressure feedback.  This artist is sculpting digital clay.

Cool design with a classic device

Really?  Are the kids that attached to the iPads that the need it for potty training?  Don't worry it's got a spashguard . . . .

This piece of glass becomes a customizable keyboard of any layout of your desire.  Sound like just a fancy tool?  Hospitals are looking into this keyboard since it's is easy to sanitize with a simple alcohol wipe. 

Sony and Cannon both had their telescopic cameras mounted too high for me to look through.  Sony did have a pop out display so I could still see.  Cannon folks yelled at me for trying to stand on a chair to look.

And you thought Dance Dance Revolution was dead.  They are trying to bring it into the classroom.  I guess lots of students rather video game in gym class than to actually play a sport.

I was really was impressed with Nikon's booth.  They had a garden, hired dancers, low light restaurant in a tent, and this colourful mad scientist lab set up so people could try out their different cameras in different difficult conditions.

iPhone covers that work with Legos.  I would have thought that Lego had a patient to prevent this, but I later learned that they let it expire and when they tried to reclaim it they lost in a suit against MegaBlocks.

Ok I know I was intending to talk about the TVs.  But the film they used was panning over food.  I stood distracting for quite a while.

Go Pros have been popular for extreme sports people who want to mount a HD camera to their helmets.  Next step for them of course was to go 3D.

That's Nail:  so crazy.  InkJet printing onto your nails?  They allowed people to take a picture of their face and have it printed onto their nails.  


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