Monday, February 25, 2013

Superhero Bracers


Ooh, shiny!

These bracers were a two-night project. I started one of them one night and finished them both on the next night. I sewed the snaps on while catching up on "The Office" (love that Catherine "The Doctor Donna" Tate  is on the show!) and "King of the Nerds" (cosplay episode!).

Soft satin.

I am particularly happy about how these turned out. Even the insides look nicely-finished! I added a strip of ribbon with my URL printed on it.

Snaps on, easy to do with one hand.
Curves right into shape and snaps closed!
Left and right bracers. Shiny yellow-gold!

Sorry, they are not designed to reflect lightning, especially not if you are standing in salt water.

Superhero Bracers

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