Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Avalyn's Emerald City Comicon 2013 Report

This past weekend SmallRiniLady and I were at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA. We shared a table in Artist Alley, equipping con-goers with cosplay accessories and meeting lots of fellow geeks over the three days we were there. 
Best Mario cosplay of the day!

Avalyn Artistry & Small Rini Lady booth in Artist Alley
Our table was in the very back corner of the main hall. But we filled it with lots of exciting, colorful things to grab attention!

Lots and lots of crafty things!
Many cosplayers stopped by our booth (or got flagged down for a picture)!

League of Legends Vayne and Orianna cosplayers

Jedi Master Luminara
(SmallRiniLady is behind her!)
R2D2 lady (hand-appliqued dress!) getting photo-bombed by Deadpool in sneakers

Compare this photo with the one above. Whoa.
Doctor Who cosplayer with TARDIS face paint
Hell Girl & Steampunk Poison Ivy

Mike, Jerry, and Robert of Penny Arcade - the Strip Search panel
Captain America - cool scale texture on his chest.

Don't blink!

Scariest Costume at ECCC.

Original Hunger Games costumes were on display for the upcoming auction. Effie Trinket's costume was clearly the most amazing.

And now I leave you with this hat.

It's a ship. On her head.
Her hair is like kraken tentacles attacking the ship.
Bonnie Burton's twin?


  1. I'm the pirate in the first picture. My friend Sam (Mario) and I later decided that we should have told people that we were roles played by Bob Hoskins--me as Smee from Hook (people always ask if that's my costume because of my glasses) and Sam as Mario from the forgettable Mario Brothers movie. I'm glad you enjoyed it. A lot of people liked the box.