Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SakuraCon 2013 Cosplay Pictures

There year there were some amazingly creative outfits.  So here I'd like to showcase a few.

During my time at Sakuracon I also learned a few new cosplay tricks I'll share with you in future posts

Mash Up

Ronald McDonald meet Vocaloid Miku

Kubey gone military style

Spartan Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony)


This guy was just freaking accurate when modeling the face piece.  Just impressed ... Kadabra from Pokemon

Snooty girls from Wreck it Ralph.  I just like the pink hat,  It just impressed me that it was so correct.

Super geeky me just stood there shocked when i saw here, side character's avatar from The Guild.  Very well done

Little Added Humor

The boss level in Super Smash Brothers game

This get lots of points for humour.  Exeggutor from Pokemon.  With the most funny/stupid faces.  Cracks me up

 More Impressive Craftsmanship
Portal (Video Game)

Impressive that this girl make these giant hands and could lift them.

Cosplay accents through Signage

Celestia Bless.  This got lots of attention

Hmmm, a map of a single country would have been more accurate, but it was still a great idea.  For those who dont know Hetalia is a anime in which each nation of the world is personified into a human, and the characters play out real historical events as if they were interactions and conflicts between friends.

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