Monday, July 29, 2013

Construction Paper Art

These images are symbollic of my life, in a way. The first image represents family as a tree deeply rooted in good soil. The next image represents me (my branch of the tree) and music being something that helps me grow. The last image is two trees growing towards each other (me and my hubby) and bearing fruit (baby!).

Symbolism Art Project

Task: Create symbollic artwork that represents your life (e.g. your family life, your spiritual/faith journey, etc.).
Time: 30 minutes
- Square white paper, stiff. (this was watercolor paper)
- Construction paper in various colors.
- Glue stick
- Scissors
For best results, draw your design in mirror image on the back side of the construction paper, then cut it out. When you paste your colored paper onto your white paper, the pencil lines will all be on the back so it will look clean on the front without any pencil indentations or eraser marks.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Burp Cloths

Burp Cloths are easy to make from scraps of flannel cotton.

Each of these is about the width of my shoulder and about 18 inches long.

I added lace to the end of one of them to be fancy. I had all of this blue and yellow fabric leftover from making baby boy things for a friend (5 years ago) so I decided lace would make it a little more girly... ha!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photo Printing - Matte, Luster, Glossy?

What are these Matte, Luster, and Glossy options often found at when you go to print out your photos?  

Glossy photos tend have more crisp details on a shiny flat surface.  Although the crisp detail sound like the best, glossy photo prints should be avoided if you intend to put them into a photo frame.  The chemicals on glossy are a little sticky, which is why finger prints show so easily.  And after time the chemicals start to stick to the glass of frames.  Resulting in bubbling effects and tearing if you ever try to remove the photo.  Although through history, glossy is the popular option.

Matte photos are quite the opposite of Glossy.  They are dull in shine and have a texture which removes the finger smug issue but causes a bit of a grainy look.  Although they might not pop as bright at Glossy photos, they have a better shelf life.  Matte is usually the popular option for professional photographers

As you can see there are positive and negatives to both Matte and Glossy photos.  Luster photos are a newer option that is trying to work in between the different qualities of Matt and Glossy photos.  The slight shine isn't nearly as extreme as Glossy, and the texture is lessen to limit the grainy look, while still supporting the anti-smug qualities that are popular with Matt photos.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

DIY Headband Upgrade

I had a project in which I needed a pink headband. Instead of going out and buying one I decided to use this glitter purple headband I knew I would never use (and it came in a multi-pack).  

Start with some ribbons and cover the ends. 

Than start wrapping your way down.  Dabs of glue every so often in the inside to keep it stable.

When done, glue off the end in the inside so it can't been seen.

Vola, a new pink headband.  Of course this can be done with nicer ribbons, and in any colour you like.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Easy Nursery Crafts with Flannel

I'm 41 weeks pregnant so I decided to work on some easy crafts for the baby's nursery to pass the time while I wait for labor to start. I completed these projects in one afternoon using flannel prints (purchased on sale at $2.99/yard).
First up, I made a fitted sheet for the Pack N' Play with this fun "imaginary friends" print. Then I made a matching burp cloth out of the leftover scrapts (plus strips of a coordinating flannel).
To make a fitted sheet, all you need to do is cut out a rectangle, leaving a decent amount of edge around the outside (a few inches). Pinch the corners and mark where the corner should be, then fold and sew the corners, cutting away the extra square of material out of each corner (I used a serger which made this really easy). Lastly, trim the edges (or serge all four edges) and then turn over the edge, sewing elastic underneath, pulling the elastic tight as you sew it to the fabric using a zigzag stitch.

The other project I completed was a fitted cover for the diaper changing pad. The process for making this was basically the same as the fitted sheet. Again, I pieced together leftover scraps to make a little coordinating wash cloth/burp cloth.

Both of these projects were quick, easy, and cost-effective. Considering that fitted sheets are usually $20 and up, I made these at less than 25% of what it would cost to just buy one.

Flannel (pre-washed) at $2.99/yard
Thread (white)
Elastic (1/8" wide)

None of these crafts require a pattern.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fantasy Forest Theme Nursery

Baby Obi's room is all ready for her arrival.

Come on in!

Custom Slip-covered Graham Glider by West Elm
Tree & Bird Curtains from IKEA

Refinished heirloom dresser.
Paint color: Blue Whisper

Crib from Target
Wall decals from Etsy

Painted nightstand dresser - Craiglist $25 + paint supplies
Commissioned artwork

On right: "Lagoon Love" by Illustrator Brittney Lee @britsketch

Wall hanger rack with Owls from IKEA

Baby Obi's closet! #somanydresses

Baby Obi has her own en suite!
(It's literally two steps from the diaper changing station... can't get more convenient than this in a poo disaster, right?)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photograph: Where to cosplay?

Sure you can cosplay to a Convention or a themed party, but if you don't mind a few stares, and some people chasing you down to speak to you in Japanese, be daring!

Out to the mall

Then to Dinner

Be bold! I dare you!
Make it your New Years Resolution

Monday, July 1, 2013

Slipcovered Glider Chair

This chair is the Graham Glider by West Elm, which is gorgeous and comfy, but I am afraid of getting baby goo all over the nice grey velvet. I really want this chair to last for years to come.
Graham Glider by West Elm

So I decided to make a slip-cover for the chair (and matching bolster pillow). Going with my fantasy forest theme, I found this fabulous fabric at JoAnn's. Using coupons, I purchased the fabric for more than 50% off; the original price was $9.99/yard. It is a sturdy cotton and easy to pull off and throw in the wash if I need to.

Clearly I didn't have a sewing pattern, and I didn't want to fully reupholster the chair, just make a slip-cover, so I decided the best method to make this slipcover would be draping.
I draped fabric over the chair wrong-side out, and pinned it to the chair one piece at a time, starting from the back. At the seams I pinned two piece of fabric together, then pulled it off, sewed the seam and put it back on the chair to add another piece. I worked symmetrically, doing two seams on opposite sides at once. But I still ran back and forth between the nursery and sewing machine a lot.
When I finished the slipcover the way I wanted it, I serged all of the seams to reduce the selvages. I love how it turned out!