Monday, July 29, 2013

Construction Paper Art

These images are symbollic of my life, in a way. The first image represents family as a tree deeply rooted in good soil. The next image represents me (my branch of the tree) and music being something that helps me grow. The last image is two trees growing towards each other (me and my hubby) and bearing fruit (baby!).

Symbolism Art Project

Task: Create symbollic artwork that represents your life (e.g. your family life, your spiritual/faith journey, etc.).
Time: 30 minutes
- Square white paper, stiff. (this was watercolor paper)
- Construction paper in various colors.
- Glue stick
- Scissors
For best results, draw your design in mirror image on the back side of the construction paper, then cut it out. When you paste your colored paper onto your white paper, the pencil lines will all be on the back so it will look clean on the front without any pencil indentations or eraser marks.

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