Sunday, July 14, 2013

Easy Nursery Crafts with Flannel

I'm 41 weeks pregnant so I decided to work on some easy crafts for the baby's nursery to pass the time while I wait for labor to start. I completed these projects in one afternoon using flannel prints (purchased on sale at $2.99/yard).
First up, I made a fitted sheet for the Pack N' Play with this fun "imaginary friends" print. Then I made a matching burp cloth out of the leftover scrapts (plus strips of a coordinating flannel).
To make a fitted sheet, all you need to do is cut out a rectangle, leaving a decent amount of edge around the outside (a few inches). Pinch the corners and mark where the corner should be, then fold and sew the corners, cutting away the extra square of material out of each corner (I used a serger which made this really easy). Lastly, trim the edges (or serge all four edges) and then turn over the edge, sewing elastic underneath, pulling the elastic tight as you sew it to the fabric using a zigzag stitch.

The other project I completed was a fitted cover for the diaper changing pad. The process for making this was basically the same as the fitted sheet. Again, I pieced together leftover scraps to make a little coordinating wash cloth/burp cloth.

Both of these projects were quick, easy, and cost-effective. Considering that fitted sheets are usually $20 and up, I made these at less than 25% of what it would cost to just buy one.

Flannel (pre-washed) at $2.99/yard
Thread (white)
Elastic (1/8" wide)

None of these crafts require a pattern.

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