Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Photo Printing - Matte, Luster, Glossy?

What are these Matte, Luster, and Glossy options often found at when you go to print out your photos?  

Glossy photos tend have more crisp details on a shiny flat surface.  Although the crisp detail sound like the best, glossy photo prints should be avoided if you intend to put them into a photo frame.  The chemicals on glossy are a little sticky, which is why finger prints show so easily.  And after time the chemicals start to stick to the glass of frames.  Resulting in bubbling effects and tearing if you ever try to remove the photo.  Although through history, glossy is the popular option.

Matte photos are quite the opposite of Glossy.  They are dull in shine and have a texture which removes the finger smug issue but causes a bit of a grainy look.  Although they might not pop as bright at Glossy photos, they have a better shelf life.  Matte is usually the popular option for professional photographers

As you can see there are positive and negatives to both Matte and Glossy photos.  Luster photos are a newer option that is trying to work in between the different qualities of Matt and Glossy photos.  The slight shine isn't nearly as extreme as Glossy, and the texture is lessen to limit the grainy look, while still supporting the anti-smug qualities that are popular with Matt photos.  

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