Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two Leggins into One

For my Harley Quinn outfit of course it would be fab to have stockings with one leg red and one leg black, but I dont want to order a custom one, that would be expensive.

Let's experiment with making our own at the cost of regular stockings.  First I bought two sets of stockings one red and one black.  For the best results buy them from a matching brand/style.

Shove one stocking into the other so that the out sides of both stockings are facing one another.  Than sew 2 zig zap stitches down along each side of the middle seam.  
1) The zig zap stitch will help keep it stretchy.  
2) Each stitch will become the new inseams of the stockings.

Cut between the two stitches.  If you can cut out the original in seam go ahead and do so, it will be slightly more comfortable without the extra bunched fabric.


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