Friday, December 6, 2013

Avalyn's Handy Cosplay Project Planner

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my handy cosplay planning workbook with three fabulous spreadsheets you can customize for your own project!
  • Do you have trouble finishing a cosplay project before the next convention?
  • Do you find yourself spending too much money on your costumes?
  • Are you taking on a big costume build with too many things to keep track of in your head?
  • Have you ever made an awesome costume on time but forgot to buy the wig and allow time for shipping?
If any of this sounds familiar, then maybe this workbook will help you get organized for your next project. Or maybe you are a spreadsheet geek and have your own methods, but are looking for some new ideas. Either way, check it out!

With this workbook you can:
  • Plan out each Phase of your project
  • Create a project Timeline
  • Track your Purchases
  • Make a Budget
Click here for Avalyn's Handy Cosplay Project Planner
(Hosted on Google, Yes it's FREE to download)
Select File
Download it to your computer.
Save and Open the file from your computer.
Read the Instructions to learn how to customize the workbook for your own project.

Feel free to leave me your feedback! Is it too complicated? Is it useful to you?

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