Monday, December 2, 2013

Weird Present Idea for White Elephant Game

There's a fun version of White Elephant Gift Exchange game that our fellowship plays at every Christmas.  Everyone comes with a secret gift.  And we all take turns either opening a gift, or stealing an existing opened gift.  It becomes an alright war in our group.  

If you want to mess with people.  Here's an idea.  Take the most CHEESY item you can find, and pair it with something pretty cool.  That way, when someone wants to steal the present for the cool element.  Everyone can make fun of them for the Cheesy element.

I wonder how many times Justin Bieber will be stolen?


  1. Kung Fu Hustle is such a fun movie.

  2. Saw you guys at ECCC this year. You were great!

    My favorite white elephant gift was one I did a few years ago. It was the "Christmas Survival Kit: for when your Christmas Cheer Meter is about to redline". Basically it was supposed to be "depressing". :P Each item had a note that went with it.

    It started off with a CD of Christmas "carols", like "The Christmas Shoes", "The Cat Carol", "Christmas When You Were Mine", "Her Favorite Christmas Story", "Christmas in the Trenches", and "Where Did We Go Wrong" from Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation. The note said: "What would Christmas be without Christmas Carols? Well, when you’re sick of the 10,000th rendition of “Jingle Bells” (and that’s just this year), try these on for size. "

    Next was a DVD of Superman: Doomsday. I kept the note for this one simple - "Merry Christmas,
    Superman’s DEAD!
    That’ll put you in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned George Bailey. "

    Then was the Barbie version of A Christmas Carol. "I know what you’re thinking. 'What’s so bad about this? It’s a classic Christmas story.' But keep in mind, you could be watching Basil Rathbone, Albert Finney, Walter Matthau, Henry Winkler, George C. Scott, Bill Murray, Michael Caine, James Earl Jones, Patrick Stewart, Nicholas Cage, Tim Curry, Kelsey Grammer, Jim Carrey, or even Mickey Mouse. But no. You’re watching Barbie. "

    After that was Avatar (I was glad to get rid of that, hated that movie). "Just to push all that festive holiday cheer firmly in its place, here’s a little reminder that you don’t live in a paradise, with glowing plants and 8 foot tall half naked cat people. You live in a world run by the bad guys. So enjoy your 162 minute sermon. Then take Sunday off from church – you’ve had your weekly allotment of being preached to, and it’d only give you another dose of holiday cheer. "

    Then was a ThinkGeek Demotivational calendar from the previous year. "Of course, we can’t forget New Year’s. As part of the holiday festivities, let’s look back, and realize that another year is gone. And here’s a little something to remind you of that fact – don’t worry, it’s last years, so that you won’t even be able to use it for the next three weeks. You’re welcome."

    And finally, a bottle of sparkling cider. "And finally, just when you think your holiday cheer meter can’t go any lower, and you’re ready to drown your sorrows and get drunk, you realize this is just sparkling juice.
    UnMerry Christmas! :)"