Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Softening Crafting Leather

Leather found at craft stores isn't high quality, rather think, and minimally treated. If you ever find it in an misbent shape or curly from being wound on a spool, fear not, it's quite easy to fix.

I purchased a spool of leather cord for some necklaces, but they came out with this intense curl which was hard to straighten.

Didn't think you can put it in hot water?  Well if it's not fancy treated, you actually can.  I soaked the leather in hot water, a treatment also used to soften the leather before stamping, a method I learned from some real CowBoys!

Hang to dry.  But be careful of the position in which it dries, it will keep it's shape as well.  My ending strands ended up with a fold in the middle, luckily I didn't mind because that's where my pendant for my necklace is going to sit anyways.

TaDa, from Curly to Straight (ish)


  1. thx u so much for this post. i've been trying to make guineveres breast band from king arthur and the leather is to tough to work with. i hope this will help soften it and get less cramps in my hands, lol. p.s. how long do you soak for?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I soaked them only for a few minutes :)

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  3. I soften leather dog collars and leashes with a little bit of "Alberto VO5" hair conditioner! My brother & his friends always used it to soften leather baseball gloves! A small touch on your fingers....pull the cord through. Wipe off excess -pull through a towel or rag.

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