Monday, April 28, 2014

Cosplay Puffy Pants

My friend (the one in the Wartortle outfit in the picture below) asked me.  How did you get/keep your pants to puffy.  

 Time for some cosplay magic! Well first you need to start with some Hammer Pants.  The pant legs aren't straight, nor flared. Instead it's pretty much a silly bubble.

Oh look? some left over tulle, several yards in fact.  Wrap several layers into a loose circle and tie it off with (oh look some leftover) ribbon.  

Next slip in one of these bundles in each pant leg/sleeve.  What's great is tulle and ribbon is completely machine washable, and completely squish-able into boxes for storage.  Or repack-able into plushie stuffing for future projects.

Thank you Cowslip for such amazing Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay designs.
And DTJAAAM for this wonderful picture