Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wonder Woman Sword Part I

I've been rather stuck on this piece for a while.  Though I'm having fun learning to work with Worbla, my blade was such an issue.  I didn't want to make it out of Worbla cause that honestly would cost a lot of money for a flat sheet of plastic, so I resorted to insulation foam (found in many of our other large props).  I tried twice, resulting in blades that were too thick, too wide, just something I hated ...

Until yesterday when I came home to find that boyfriend had a package and left the box in our recycling stash.  Cardboard to save the day.  It's thin, flat, and sturdy when layered.  I can even create that angular middle and allow the blade edges to be thin (and now flake off when hitting someone with a foam piece).

So one AneComi Wonder Woman sword made from

1. Worbla and Craft Foam for the details
2. PVC for the Handle 
and added dimention and strengh within the blade
3. Cardboard for the blade

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